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Cube Call Recorder

2023 best auto call recorder.simple to use.

Cube Call Recorder:Your Ultimate Call Recording Solution

In the quick-paced world of today, communication is essential. Recording phone calls might be important when conducting business, looking for legal protection, or just preserving memories. A popular software that guarantees smooth call recording on your Android device is Cube Call Recorder. We'll go into the details of a powerful instrument in this post and examine why people around the world see it as their top option.


The ability to record phone calls has grown into more than simply a convenience in an era defined by connectivity and communication; it has become essential. Cube Call Recorder appears as a powerful partner in the world of call recording on Android smartphones, whether you're performing business talks, defending legal agreements, or keeping treasured chats.

Join us on this adventure as we explore Cube Call Recorder's universe and see how it may transform the way you approach call recording.

How to Use the Cube Call Recorder

With its smooth functionality, Cube Call Recorder stands out, allowing users to easily record both incoming and outgoing calls on their Android smartphones. You will have an in-depth knowledge of Cube Call Recorder's workings after reading this section.

1. Compatibility with the Call System

The call system on your Android handset is completely integrated into how Cube Call Recorder works. Once installed and configured, it operates invisibly in the background and is ready to record calls as they happen. Cube Call Recorder provides thorough coverage, whether it is for regular phone calls, video calls, or talks using messaging services like WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber.

2. Automatic Recording

Automatic call recording is one of Cube Call Recorder's greatest capabilities. It's not necessary for users to press a record button every time they place or receive a call. This work is handled by the app, which makes sure that no significant dialogue is forgotten. When unexpected, important calls come in, this automatic recording option might save you from having to manually record them.

3. Excellent Audio Recording

Audio quality is a top priority for Cube Call Recorder. It captures calls in ways that maintain the conversation's accuracy and clarity. This is especially important for calls for business, interviews, and other situations where the conversation's subject matter is of utmost significance. You can be sure that your recordings will continue to have excellent sound quality when you use Cube Call Recorder.

4. Organization and Storage

The software is excellent for storage and management. For ease of access, recordings are carefully labeled and grouped. The user-friendly interface of Cube Call Recorder makes it easy for you to effectively manage your archive. The software also integrates cloud storage, allowing users to back up their recordings to programs like Google Drive or Dropbox for more ease and security.

5. Adjustable Settings

Users are empowered by customisation choices in Cube Call Recorder. You have control over how the program works, from selecting the audio source to establishing automatic deletion rules for older recordings. Because of its flexibility, Cube Call Recorder may be tailored to meet your individual recording requirements.

Excellent Points and Features

Among the outstanding features offered by Cube Call Recorder are the following:
Simple cloud storage options:You may easily store a backup of your recordings on Google Drive or Dropbox.
Password protection:Use a passcode to safeguard private recordings.
Playback in-app:Easily manage and listen to your recordings while doing so.
Archive organization:classify and tag your recordings for easy access.
Compatibility:Cube Call Recorder is compatible with a variety of Android hardware and operating systems.

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Cube Call Recorder

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Cube Call


  • enjoyable user interface
  • recording calls automatically
  • supports a variety of platforms
  • an excellent audio recording
  • Connection of cloud storage
  • Configurable options


  • only a little free version
  • a few difficulties with specific devices' compatibility

Cube Call Recorder:How to Use

Cube Call Recorder is simple to use:

  • Get the app from the Google Play Store and install it.
  • Open the app, then adhere to the setup directions.
  • Utilize the options menu to modify your recording choices.
  • Allow Cube Call Recorder to hassle-free automatically record your calls.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Q1:Can I record calls from messaging services like Skype and WhatsApp using Cube Call Recorder?
A1:Definitely! Numerous communication channels are supported by Cube Call Recorder, including WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and many others. Both regular voice calls and discussions taking place within these well-known messaging applications can be recorded with Cube Call Recorder.

Q2:Can all Android smartphones use Cube Call Recorder?
A2:Cube Call Recorder is designed to function with a wide range of Android hardware and software. However, there can be some compatibility concerns with some models given the variety of Android smartphones and tablets that are available.Before installing the app, we advise verifying its compatibility with your device on the Google Play Store.

Q3:Is Cube Call Recorder accessible in a free version?
A3:Cube Call Recorder does indeed provide a free version with minimal call recording features. You may manage and record calls with the free edition, but there may be fewer customization choices and storage constraints compared to the premium version.

Q4:How can I make sure that the calls I record using Cube Call Recorder are secure?
A4:Cube Call Recorder prioritizes security. The software has options like password security to password-protect private recordings. For an additional degree of protection, you may back up your recordings to cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Q5:Is it possible to hear my recorded calls just inside the Cube Call Recorder app?
A5:By providing an in-app replay capability, Cube Call Recorder streamlines the playback of recorded calls. This entails that you can easily manage and listen to your recordings without ever leaving the app.

Q6:What audio formats may be recorded with Cube Call Recorder?
A6:To provide the best sound clarity, Cube Call Recorder captures calls in a variety of high-quality audio formats. Generally speaking, the app supports MP3, AAC, and WAV formats, depending on your device and settings.


For Android users, Cube Call Recorder is a flexible and trustworthy call recording option. Anyone wishing to record and save significant discussions should consider using it because of its user-friendly layout, outstanding feature set, and seamless integration. Cube Call Recorder is a useful tool that makes call recording easier, whether for business or personal usage.How can I use Cube Call Recorder to retrieve and organize my recorded calls?

A well-organized archive is provided by Cube Call Recorder, allowing you to categorize and tag your recordings for quick access. You can easily access and manage all of your recorded calls thanks to the user-friendly interface.

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